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We recommend this approach for our readers as well. We advise selling particular stocks when we feel the situation has changed and they no longer qualify as high-quality investments. I will not switch to a broker.

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I have dealt with 3 brokers in my lifetime, the only time they were interested with me is when I had money to buy more shares. Once the shares were bought I never heard from them as to when to sell any of my shares and take a profit. All they were interested in was their commission on buying shares that their company was pushing.

I have been an on-line investor for over 25 years.

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  • I started out with a regular broker actually I used several as the companies kept getting taken over but ultimately I realized that the high commissions were affecting my investment decisions, particularly with respect to RRSP investments since my RRSP portfolio was much smaller then. I moved my accounts to TD Greenline and I have never regretted it. A few years ago, at the suggestion of my bank, I had one of their full service broker advisors look over my holdings to see if there was mutual benefit to moving to the full service model.

    He was able to offer a wrap account for a percentage of my holdings and he said that they could offer some products bonds, new issues, flow thoughs for the same cost as the online broker but, overall his advice was that I still needed the online discount broker account. As a result, most of my investments are still with the online broker but I use the full service advisor for specialized products mostly flow throughs. My advisor is the Successful Investor and I am very happy with this setup.

    I think you have to be aware of the psychology of investing as well as the numbers, and I have learned not to rush into anything. I have had all sorts of brokers over several years. If you go by the brokers recommendation they always have a story to tell as to why your investment does not perform. I subscribe to your service because you never make promises or try to sell anyone on any particular company or market sector.

    Ultimate List of Canadian Dividend Investing Blogs

    You straight up analyze a company; take it or leave it. Your rules of investing have definitely worked for me.


    Like Warren Buffett says…I buy companies not stocks. I have had three brokers in Canada and all have managed to show a loss of capital, plus untimely advice Nortel. I have just gone back to a discount brokerage full time in January. How do you ensure you have a good broker? I thought I had one each time. The one person really interested in your investments is yourself, plus unbiased opinion from Pat and similar sources.

    I started investing via the mutual fund route where I made money for the mutual fund company. Switched to a full service broker. He made money-I did not. I have not had a pleasant experience with a broker. A supposedely expert convinced me to sell a stock at 2. I could have retired at 45, and am now Like the others above, I am a firm believer that no one cares more about your investments than yourself… so I prefer to accept full responsibility for my investment decisions than to rely on someone else.

    I am quite comfortable with managing my own investments and have no plans to make any changes. Brokers yuck Had me selling calls on my great picks and getting taken out and the stock kept moving up. Lots of commisions small profits for me. I am now 78 and due to health problems I have a lot of free time to do research and be a DIY investor.

    Mark Lin (Author of Secrets of Dividend Investors)

    I have made errors Bre-X but had taken enough out to still realize capital gains before the fraud was discovered. On the other hand I bought 10, shares of CNQ in for As most of the above comments, I too started of with brokers.

    Wolfs in sheepsclothing. TSI and a few others have provided advice over the last 3 decades and for me is the only way to go. No one is more interested in your financial well being than yourself, unfortunately you may not always be the best helmsman. The market is driven by fear and greed, i. I trade may be too much, but try to enjoy the ride by keeping an eye on the technicals and fundamentals. A large portion in ETFs. Have never lost any sleep yet.

    I have no desire to use a computerized trading system or any system based only on a program. Wonder if TSI will include comments to help subscribers. Pat spoke about stock market software in a previous Investor Toolkit called: How relying on stock market software can steer you into a financial disaster. With all the people now signed up for it, I doubt Patrick has much time to review each portfolio. I know that most of your readers above are very happy with your services. I have not been, but that is my problem. Old adages reworked.

    If you want to tweet me about a stock, tell me that I should be buying right now because it is about to go up today. That is what good immediate messaging should do. Then you simply tried to give good advise and let that speak for you. Now we get bombarded by a lot of shlock. I expect that your advisory is worthwhile, but you have lost focus. I used to get an email that included my newsletter. Now I have to go online to get what I paid for.

    Nice for you, but inconvenient for me. I am tired of the marketing frenzy and have terminated my subscriptions. Good luck. Thank you for your very candid comment. I must reply that I believe you are taking a more negative point of view than is justified by our messages. Our story on online trading warns about the excesses that can and do occur when some investors make a heavy commitment to online trading and especially day trading.

    It is not a condemnation of all online trading. Many potential pitfalls can arise in investing, and understanding what not to do is an essential part of doing the right thing. The more recent short break in , I decided to go with a full service brokerage where you pay a percentage of your assets and they handle all the buying and selling there were a lot of holdings and I was well diversified.

    But after a few years of them making more money than me, I got fed up and took my money back to TD discount brokers. I have made this mistake in the past and agree that the low cost of trades makes it easy to get in and out. This could be overcome by a longer term investment plan whereby you decide to hold on to certain stocks for a period of time, as you suggest online and also by way of your newsletter investment strategies. Thanks for the sage advice Pat. Despite my not always following your advice, I have found that you are virtually always right!

    Automated systems have their place. Namely to organize information too voluminous for a human to wade through and make objective sense of. In a way, I look at these systems the same way I look at TSI, a noise filter that most of the time gives me a clearer signal; a short-list of companies and ETFs to deep-dive and ultimately make decisions on myself. Click here to cancel reply. Please be respectful with your comments and help us keep this an area that everyone can enjoy.


    Setting Up an LLC for Investing

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