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Preschoolers help the PAW Patrol pups use math to master their pup, pup boogie dance moves! This game teaches number recognition and counting. When Mayor Humdinger sneakily grabs a treasure chest, he learns one man's treasure is another man's underwear! Zahracorns take Shimmer, Shine and Leah to Zahraconia, a beautiful, magical place where all of them live! When Liam takes the wheel of Rusty's Super Mammoth Vac , he ends up making a mess, not cleaning it up! Kids can transform Blaze into a tow truck and help him jump off ramps, swing through trees, lift up objects, and use his super pulling power in this game.

Sing along with Sunny and Rox as they try to cheer Blair up and show her how fun being outside can be! When Garrett and his friends believe they see the Three-Headed Snooflederf, Nella shows them the truth. In this preschool game, kids can practice their counting skills by following the numbers to connect the dots and complete each puzzle.

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With help from Rusty and the Bits, Ruby is ready to take the stage and put on a sensational show! When Zeta becomes Leah's genie, she has to make a bunch of yummy shiver cones. Welcome to Nickjr. Kids can watch videos, play games, and interact with their Nick Jr. Plus, preschoolers will discover educational and silly surprises as they learn and explore.

Nickelodeon uses cookies Cookies help us understand how you interact with our site, improve your browsing experience, and serve advertising to you. For more information about how we use cookies and what your choices are, click here. Thanks for checking us out and happy browsing! Grownups Privacy. PAW Patrol. X Pups Save a Playful Dragon Buddy, the playful dragon from one of Alex's books, gets out and the pups need to get him back. Full Episode. The ultimate tragedy of The Irishman is that Sheeran is incapable of singing his song of self with the kind of unblinking honesty that might lead him through regret and toward redemption.

Near the end of the film, Sheeran asks that his door be left slightly ajar, a mirror of something that occurs in an earlier scene between him and Hoffa. Almost every element of the film has been seemingly engineered to be the ne plus ultra of slapdash ineptitude. B rian A. From the very start, 10 Minutes Gone radiates an air of noxious machismo, figuratively puffing out its chest with every wooden line of dialogue.

Everyone here has a witty-but-not retort at the ready, and nearly every line is shoehorned with some type of tough-guy criminal lingo. Michael Chiklis fairs a tad better, putting forth a modicum of effort as Frank Sullivan, an honorable thief who mostly huffs and puffs around town as he hunts those who stole the box from and killed his brother Tyler Jon Olson.

The film is an aimless, albeit sometimes funny, chronicle of absurd behavior and government ineptitude.

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White agents kick around profanities that sound straight out of Veep , and the film seems most comfortable with these familiar, darkly funny depictions of bureaucratic sociopathy. Moses is more concerned with avoiding eviction than starting a race war, but such revolutionary overtures bring him to the attention of the F. The line dramatically overestimates the impact of public perception on the racist practices of government institutions, and it sounds even more bizarre when meant to come from an organization with such a storied anti-black history as the F.

Though Morris ostensibly centers Moses as the lens through which we view F. Scenes of Moses attempting to hustle various characters are only baffling, muddying the idea of what he actually believes and what he thinks people just want to hear. Conversely, The Day Shall Come treats Moses more like a bundle of delusions, leaving Glack, the white lady who grows a conscience, to be the closest thing it has to an emotional anchor.

Nor does it provide any sense of what dangers are being ignored by focusing on Moses despite the fact that, say, the Department of Homeland Security has only recently designated white supremacy as domestic terrorism. While its characters may appear to be, and often behave as, stereotypical rednecks and bumbling small-town cops, the film approaches them not with contempt, but with a bemused kind of empathy, finding a very human vulnerability lurking beneath their strange and oafish behaviors.

Make no mistake, the people in the film do some pretty bizarre things. And so they do, shotgunning beers, smoking tons of weed, shooting off fireworks, and firing rifles in a raucous intoxicated haze, all of which is captured in elegiac slow motion, and lit with chiaroscuro beauty. But The Death of Dick Long withholds the truly freaky stuff these guys get up to that night until nearly an hour into its running time.

All we know is that somehow this evening of country-fried debauchery results in a fatal injury to Dick, whose near-dead body Zeke and Earl unceremoniously dump at the local hospital. While the film never lets them off the hook, dropping countless hints about how indolent, pathetic, and dependent on the women in their lives they are, it also recognizes the loneliness and despair that lies deep in their hearts. Cast: Michael Abbott Jr.

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When he does so, he magically affects natural objects: Initially, Everest makes things grow a flower blooms, blueberries sprout , but as Abominable goes on, his powers become essentially boundless, morphing to suit the situation or, quite overtly, to realize some spectacular concept art, as when Everest, Yi, and her friends Jin Tenzing Norgay Trainor and Peng Albert Tsai take a ride on some dolphin-shaped clouds. Yi, Jin, and Peng shepherd Everest all the way across China and toward the Himalayas, the home from which the young abominable snowman was taken.

Zara Sarah Paulson , who professes to believe that capturing the animal will help protect him. The film promises that the real places are even more magical than they appear in such mementos, though the sense of wonder conveyed by its images have less to do with the majesty of nature than they do with the mystic power of the commodity fetish.

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First Love reveals itself to be an elegant and haunting Takashi Miike film in throwaway clothing. First Love is a one-thing-after-another, night-in-the-life crime comedy that gradually becomes ineffably serious and haunting. And this urgency grows as the yakuza carnage continues, its senseless endlessness becoming less absurd than tragic.

Kase and the yakuza and the Chinese gangsters may be chasing the booty, but the latter is an excuse for frustrated people to do what they wanted to do anyway: kill one another. First Love climaxes in a department store with two men, one Japanese, one Chinese, beating and cutting each other senseless, which Miike allows to unfold at brutal length, effectively suggesting that all these genre mechanics, all the romantic window dressing, come down to this: the bloodlust shared by characters and audience alike. W hen we last saw battle-scarred Vietnam veteran John Rambo Sylvester Stallone , he was walking toward the dusty homestead of the father, and the metaphorical American fatherland, that he left behind several decades prior.

It was completely offensive and totally awesome—as long as you could key in to the undercurrent of virile camp. Give credit to Rambo: Last Blood , capably helmed by Adrian Grunberg, for tapping that gleefully repellent vein one apparently final time. Time, then, for John Rambo to go all Taken on these mofos. That he does, though you may be surprised to learn that the kidnapping plot is resolved by the halfway point, after which Last Blood becomes a hilariously gore-splattered variant on Home Alone , with Rambo using all of his survivalist skills to exact revenge on the brothers and their innumerable disposable henchmen.

The Looney Tunes nature of the murder spree tempers much of the ideological offense of the screenplay, though the Rambo films have always been incoherent texts—propagandistically gung-ho in some moments, peculiarly upstart and rebellious in others.

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Boundaries mean nothing to Rambo; after this scene, he shuttles between the U. The latter seems more likely, in no small part because of how often Rambo has been co-opted by hawkish powers-that-be. This is followed by a scene set on a sun-dappled country porch that draws equally on the multifaceted mytho-poeticism of John Ford and the jingoistic stupidity of John Wayne circa The Green Berets.

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In each case, the supposed science of the issue at hand is often short-circuited by impatience. This is one of them. Balancing humanist optimism with a profoundly downcast view of our collective destiny, the film is inextricably of its moment.

Identified as one of the few astronauts physically fit and emotionally stable enough to execute such a tremendous undertaking, Roy—fixed in his belief that his father is long gone and uninterested in dredging up painful old memories without good reason—accepts his duty ambivalently. Balancing this humanist optimism with a profoundly downcast view of our collective destiny, Ad Astra is a film inextricably of its moment.

Difficult, indeed. The woman born Frances Ethel Gumm in is damn near inimitable. Of course, it takes some time for the single point of admittedly meta interest to emerge: A prologue and several subsequent flashbacks set during her prolific MGM years situate the young Garland Darci Shaw as both a wide-eyed innocent in Edenic Tinseltown and, via several sinister interactions with imposing studio head Louis B.

Mayer Richard Cordery , a sacrificial forbear of the MeToo era. Yet none of these scenes jibe with the mawkish main narrative in which Zellweger, leaning hard into tic-laden mimicry, plays the broke and barbiturate-addicted year-old Garland. This is acting that seems contrived to impress and to garner cheap sympathy even when the character is at her most difficult. In the early going, Garland has a belligerent blow-up with her ex-husband and manager, Sid Luft Rufus Sewell , over the well-being of their two children, as well as a swooning first meeting with eventual fifth husband, Mickey Deans Finn Wittrock , a musician and entrepreneur whose big-picture promises are mostly hollow.