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The piece Cadenas de amor in Spain was performed in collaboration with two young flute players from Spain. Pamela Sklar of 2Flutes is the composer of Cadenas de amor.

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I would like to add that our guest mezzo soprano Nan-Maro Babakhanian is participating with me in the cycle Las damas del Quijote , written by her sister, the New York based composer Alexa Babakhanian. Nan-Maro will be performing in her home town of New York City. She currently lives in Madrid full time, but is coming to NYC to perform for us once more this concert. There are many reasons why this concert I think will be more emotional for us.

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Empowerment for young female composers in my opinion needs to rooted in role models and significant experiences of mentorship and support, in their formative years. Ten years ago I was part of a concert of newly created vocal chamber works called 21st Century Shakespeare, entirely by male contemporary composers. She utilizes texts by both Cervantes and Shakespeare.

American composer Pamela Sklar curiously chose a short poem by Cervantes she is a non Spanish speaker , setting it with alternating texts between the original Spanish and English translation.. The piece is for flute, alto flute, piano and mezzo. It gives the effect of conscious and subconscious of the singer to be somewhat interactive and operative, while digesting Cervantes meditative and highly philosophical but brief poem about the nature of love.

New York based mezzo soprano Anna Tonna is known for her versatility in musics from Bach to Zarzuela. She is known for her promotion of works by composers of Spain and Latin America. Your email address will not be published.

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Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Anna! I want to know all about your work! What draws you to promoting the work of women composers from the United States and Spain? Do you worry about tokenism when presenting an all-female composers concert? Can you tell me about how that grant application came about? Did you know about the grant first and create the project or did you brainstorm the project and were looking for funding?

Mujeres en Música (Women in Music) Roundtable and Concert Highlighted Memorial Day

What do you see as the main challenges in eliminating the existing gender gap in classical music composition particularly for your specialities — voice and piano — or otherwise? How can more individual musicians help support the educational pipeline of female composers? Embassy in Madrid. How do you envision that this performance will be different?

Do you promote the project to the audiences in Madrid and New York similarly or dissimilarly? The texts from the performance are based on William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes.

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New York Women Composers

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Amy Marcy Beach (1867 – 1944) 3 pieces op. 40 (1898)

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