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I had finally accomplished what he had dreamed for me. I could feel my father with me at that moment. I knew he was proud. I went on to attain my teaching credential in elementary education and a Master of Arts in English and education. I was in my final quarter of graduate school, however, when I was diagnosed with cancer. I was almost fifty-five, and I would have given anything to have my father there with me — to have his arms around me, giving me words of encouragement.

For the next seven weeks, I finished my studies while undergoing radiation therapy. He believed teachers were to be revered; they held the key to knowledge and freedom. And somewhere along the way I must have passed on my love of learning to my children.

My daughter is a teacher and my son, a psychologist. My father would be so pleased to know that his American dream lives on. He loved to write. Some mornings I would find him sitting in the chair by the living room window with a yellow pad on his lap and a pen in his hand. I would watch his rough hands glide over the page in soft, rhythmic strokes.

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Seeing him sitting there in the light of a new day awakened the writer in me. After my father suffered a massive stroke, he could not speak for the last ten years of his life. But he would grab my hand and squeeze it tightly, and I knew exactly what he was saying. It was all there in his handshake. And now, when I sit in the chair by my living room window with a pen in my hand, I think of my father and how I am doing what he loved to do.

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  6. Thank you for coming to a land called America where dreams do come true. I am living your dream. And in living your dream, I am living mine. Skip to Main Content Area. Watch our trailers! In order to protect the rights of the copyright holder, no portion of this publication may be reproduced without prior written consent. All rights reserved.

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    More stories from our partners. This book was great. Obama's story is just so inspiring, even if members of my party think it's fake. Even as a die-hard conservative, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I went into this book to look at it objectively, with some conservative leaning thoughts. I also went into it thinking that racism does not exist anymore. I went into it thinking people of color were overreacting, and that only a select few are racists now.

    Boy was I wrong, and my outlook on the issue has severely changed. I've learned so much from then Senator Obama. Even if you are conservative, you should read this too! In the hands of great writer, this story could have been magnificent.

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    Alas, Obama's pragmatism and over-controlled and depressed? The facts of his life and motivations are compelling and fascinating. But if you were expecting a tale of obstacles overcome, of universal insights learned, you will be heartily disappointed and even outright bored at times. While his speeches are characterized by optimism, lyricism and enthusiasm, his book, surprisingly, falls flat. If you want to know more about our president, "read" it. Just not with baited breath. I think if you are for Obama, or against, white or black, republican or democrat, male or female, poor or rich -- you need to listen to this book.

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    It is help on all sides of the judges table to help us not only understand our president, but to also understand each other. Good insight into our next president! I think this is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I think it is important that this was written before Obama became a politician and would be thinking of the image he wants to portray. He did a fantastic job as reader. Everyone should read his two books before they vote for or against him this fall. It was great they add his speech at the Democratic convention.

    I think that was one of the best political speeches in recent time was great to hear it again. This is a must read for everyone. By clicking "Notify Me" you consent to receiving electronic marketing communications from Audiobooks. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time.

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